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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 09:48pm Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7691 of 7773)

Let's hope Bwsh doesn't fall off his charger (as per Superman) ... cloning re stem cells has just been outlawed curtesy of The Pope! Another dark shadow running the USA.

lunarchick - 09:55pm Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7692 of 7773)

Pavalov had a reward system : !
'you're welcome'

Take the time to read those verses - i think i'd be looking for a NEW anthem more suited to a C21 Outlook ... some of those conservative lyrics seem dated!

rshowalter - 09:55pm Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7693 of 7773) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

Key issues: gisterme , who raised the issue, should answer the question.

MD7671 gisterme 7/31/01 8:34pm ... MD7672 rshowalter 7/31/01 8:38pm

I'll deal in more detail with the points I made in MD7673 rshowalter 7/31/01 8:42pm ... , which I've dealt with several times before, tomorrow.

I'm out for tonight. Thanks Dawn !

lunarchick - 10:03pm Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7694 of 7773)

Sorry about your anthem Americans ...

Expert Evidence: The Problem of Bias and Other Things

.... at least the flag is aesthetically pleasing!

Framework for evaluation

almarst-2001 - 11:30pm Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7695 of 7773)

The "Washington Times" in the news...

Propaganda's Triumph -


All the training starts of intercontinental ballistic missiles are declared between Russia and the USA. That is why it would be absurd to inform referring to CIA about secret testing by Russia a new intercontinental ballistic missile, Russian Defence Ministry official commented today the article in ‘Washington Times’. If a missile’s training start was realized by Russia, the USA would be officially informed about it. Let us remember, that yesterday ‘Washington Times’ reported a new intercontinental missile had been tested in Russia, built on a completely new principle: as an oxidant outboard oxygen is used here, due to this principle missile’s flight range and speed become much bigger. Any official comments of US authorities have not appeared yet, though Russian Defence Ministry reacted ‘Washington Times’ publication only today, completely refuting the reported fact.

I would suggest the new discussion topic: "Is there a need for a propaganda in a democratic society?";)

almarst-2001 - 11:45pm Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7696 of 7773)


"UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo) suspects that 900 Serbs and non-Albanians, killed after the deployment of KFOR troops in Kosovo, were buried in a mass grave in Suva Reka near Prizren"

After the deployment of KFOR troops in Kosovo.

And, as all know, the KLA was "disarmed".

almarst-2001 - 11:50pm Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7697 of 7773)


"The Vatican yesterday refused requests from its own Catholic Jewish Historical Commission and major Jewish organizations to release World War II records so that scholars could learn exactly what the Vatican knew about the Holocaust. More detail... "

And I wonder what the British and Americans knew as well. For example, why the rail-roads to the concentration camps where never even attempted to be destroyed or bombed?

lunarchick - 02:24am Aug 1, 2001 EST (#7698 of 7773)

On the POPE. The strong Catholics i know in Australia tell me that they listen to what the church says ... and then - turn it around and do exactly the opposite, or what they like. This is where Bwsh fell down - re stem cells, he doesn't realise that for sanity it is necessary to do what pleases the American people. 70% of American Catholics wanted stem cell research - as did Christopher Reeves.

Using the above scatty logic, if the Vatican say they have no plundered treasures - it's a sure bet they do! They're from the 'old school' of landlordship!

lunarchick - 02:54am Aug 1, 2001 EST (#7699 of 7773)

rshowalter 7/31/01 11:42am Reading the first article here one notes that Rumsfield likes to tinker around with Volvos. Sweedish engineering. Made by teams rather than conveyor belt approaches to division of labour with an emphasis on quality production.

Applying a little psychology here, it's obvious that the type of 'engineering' that R. likes is simple, functional and powered for the job in hand.

This makes him a potential supporter of green engineering. Were the USA turning out beautiful technology designed to run efficiently, then America could effectively change, for the better, and upgrade the standards for those 'villages' in the world that have unfortunate postcodes. Making Rumsfield one very PROUD American ....
wonder if he sees the problem with the National Anthem ...
all those multimillion dollared lyric writers in the USA and one totally inadequate anthem!

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