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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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rshowalter - 11:44am Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7650 of 7772) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

A week's NYT coverage of missile defense -- mastery would take staffing.

Victory for Missile Defense By WILLIAM SAFIRE ... Vladimir Putin yanked the rug out from under Democrats opposed to missile defense

North Korean Leader on a Train to Moscow By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ... North Korea's secretive leader, Kim Jong Il, crossed into eastern Russia, the first part of a railroad journey for a two-day Moscow

Iraqis Nearly Hit a U.S. Plane ... A surface-to-air missile came worrisomely close to an American U- 2 surveillance plane high above southern Iraq on Tuesday, more evidence that Saddam Hussein's forces are increasingly adept at zeroing in on aircraft patr olling the no-flight zones

Scholars Freed Before Powell Visit to Beijing By JANE PERLEZ ... China paroled two U.S.-based scholars convicted of espionage, opening the door to their return home. This facilitates Secretary of State Colin Powell's visit to China later this week

A Missile Shield, Deconstructed

Military Budget Creates Rift in G.O.P. By JAMES DAO ... The debate over Pentagon spending has exposed a deep split within the Republican Party's conservative wing

Threat From Democrats on Missile Test Plans By JAMES DAO ... Democrats are contending that Congress never appropriated financing for a new missile defense test site in Fort Greely, Alaska

Bush, in Kosovo, Tells U.S. Troops Role Is Essential By DAVID E. SANGER ... In a reversal from a campaign pledge, President Bush said that he wants to hasten the day American troops can go home, but that it isn't likely soon

Powell Confident That Jailed Scholars Issue Will Be Resolved By JANE PERLEZ ... After meeting with the Chinese foreign minister today, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said the cases of two jailed American-based scholars would be resolved soon

A Day After Seeing Putin, a Harder-Line Bush Emerges By DAVID E. SANGER ... President Bush warned that he would move ahead with testing missile shield technology even if he did not reach an agreement with Russia that would scrap a key arms control treaty

rshowalter - 11:45am Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7651 of 7772) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

A week's NYT coverage of missile defense -- mastery would take staffing.

Germ Warfare Talks Open in London; U.S. Is the Pariah By MICHAEL R. GORDON ... European nations urged the completion of a draft agreement to enforce the 1972 ban on biological weapons. The Bush administration has concluded the accord is flawed

Democrats Try to Work Up a Shield Plan of Their Own By JAMES DAO ... As President Bush moves briskly toward a missile shield, a group of experts in the Democratic Party is pushing Congressional Democrats to unite around an alternative

MAD Isn't Crazy By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN ... Let's dissect the Bushies' arguments on missile defense, which have been at best incoherent and at worst dishonest

Bush Offers Encouragement to Soldiers Serving in Kosovo By DAVID E. SANGER ... President Bush today told American troops in Kosovo that he would like to "hasten the day" when they can leave, but he did not expect that day to come anytime soon

To Be Young and in Search of the Higgs Boson By JAMES GLANZ ... Worried over the future of physics, young physicists recently gathered in Colorado to discuss plans to increase support for their research

Matters of war and peace, and international cooperation between the US, Russia, and the rest of the world are complicated. Technical issues about missile defense are as well. Some of the interactions will take staffs, or social and human organizations built for the purpose, to comb out and master.

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