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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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rshowalter - 08:34pm Jul 30, 2001 EST (#7626 of 7771) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

Back tomorrow. Today I read most, though not all, of gisterme's posting on this thread, and collected all the links for posting and easy reference.

The reading was quite an experience.

- - - -

If other nation states care, and they should, some essential issues are going to get checked.

The stakes are high enough that they should care.

lunarchick - 08:45pm Jul 30, 2001 EST (#7627 of 7771)

Some folks are Head and shoulders above the rest. while others disparate yet calm flap powerfully.

Click on a sk~et~ch to learn more about that puppet.

Agent provocateur Agent provocateur tells Congress not to fund Isreal (1999)

Meet the next President of the United States - perhaps - Michael Powell.

Why rain on a parade when there's room enough for all.

lunarchick - 09:12pm Jul 30, 2001 EST (#7628 of 7771)

~ message v white noise
Listening with understanding
~ 6.2 6.3
Seeing, listening hearing understanding ~ process is complex
Requires holistic
marketing initatives to get the message over
to the generalist. Some make a religion of it,
implying there's more in a message
than initially meets the eye.

To interepret specialist information - it may be necessary to have either that background, or access to another who does. Isn't this why 'checking' (search) gets emphasis here. Nothing can be established as 'fact' until verified. This why in the Wynne (search) sense, people throughout the world have gut feelings for what to go with, and what not to go with. People understand climate can bring catastrophe, ill used weapons bring death and war, and that while trade does give jobs - they have a conscience regarding humanity that is being left too far behind. Today many people are egalitarian in outlook .. they see a big pie and want everyone to share it - in human, golden rule, terms.

Churchill, Winston S. will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on.
Quoted in: Irving Klotz, Bending perception, a book review, Nature, 1996, Volume 379, p 412 (1).

lunarchick - 05:49am Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7629 of 7771)

GU Thread ru

lunarchick - 05:57am Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7630 of 7771)

Good source of reference; short on analysis, September 4, 1999 Reviewer: A reader from Brooklyn, NY This book is impressive for its compilation of data. Anyone writing a paper on the subject will find this book a handy source of material. The author sought to defend the merits of Chinese gradualism vis-a-vis the "shock therapy" approach advocated by mainstream academe in the West.

The author offered some interesting insights on the respective fate of China and Russia. Especially provacative is the parallel he drew between the disastrous attempts to leap to Communist Utopia and the Eastern Block's latter attempt to "leap into the market". The trouble is he failed to pursue these promising leads in depth. As a result neither economic nor political analysis was terribly satisfying - every once in a while the reader comes across a gem or two of real insight, but just as he sits up and is ready to listen the unrelenting parade of facts resumes to numb the senses.

Even the facts could have been organized better and brought to bear on the book's arguments more effectively. The author could have - for instance - focused on specific contentions made by the "Big Bang" school and rebuked them with relevent data. Instead the book merely unfurled long lists of facts and sought to make its point through a generous dose of hand-waving.

lunarchick - 07:20am Jul 31, 2001 EST (#7631 of 7771)

This internet worm has the ability to spread worldwide affecting thousands of websites running Microsoft Internet Information Server version 4 or 5. The FBI and the Computer Emergency Response Team has issued an alert warning system administrators to download the latest patch.

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