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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 12:21am Jul 30, 2001 EST (#7593 of 7605)

Listening to Cooke's 'Letter from America' Cooke noted that while every Republican President comes out fighting from the right, then moves to centre, Bwsh was right and still is right. He compared him to Gerry Falwell. Said his inaugural reception by the lefts-of-centre at Yale was the least welcoming - even so he was maintaining 57% in the popularity stakes. Said that when Bwsh spoke recently to Putin, B told P all about the Nuclear Shield and got him on-side.* And also said that the Ru had been working on such a shield for 9years.

RS on your mob you note: ' .... because there is an error, in a computer algorithm that they use again and again, that can and does generate explosive errors, under conditions that matter, but which they are not checking.'

Which raises a point in my mind - while the USA is too intransigent to check, to use maths that 'work' ... other cultures may check, and may jettison the redundant.

Who knows, the Ru-mob may be further down the track regarding the Shield than the USA ... and if anyone did consider Bwsh to be smart ... there's the smartness ... he's moving over to the Ru-mob who'll get him what he wants - if they have it ... business for Carlye .. for Dad ... for dollar churn .. for commissions .. for Dad et al.

Did i read Alistair Cooke's message, or read into it, ... leaving the enigma Cooke to cook yet another instalment in his personal chain-letter .. comparing 'the now' with 'the then' - that time of simpler men.

  • That wasn't my take!

    lunarchick - 12:44am Jul 30, 2001 EST (#7594 of 7605)

    rshowalt 7/29/01 10:29pm re .... ... believe strongly, therefore, that the urgency of the Carnegie Commission's call to war prevention in the 21st century is warranted ....

    Doesn't this relate back to there being a global moral education that sets a world standard regarding social responsibility with pluraistic inclusion together with frameworks to control personal greed and manipulation of others. Were people given a 'value' and 'place' in the global community (not restricted to a workplace dollar value) then life might be given improved respect and regard.

    rshowalt - 06:59am Jul 30, 2001 EST (#7595 of 7605) Delete Message

    Moral education, and a sense of HISTORY are vital - lest the world become even worse than it is, but also so that we can regain some hopes lost, and some decencies long discarded.

    "Robert S. McNamara and James G. Blight's new book embraces the Wilsonian notion that American foreign policy must be grounded on the bedrock of morality ....

    McNamara and Blight are clearly, inescapably right that morality must be involved in American foreign policy decisions. The chapter in the TIMES linked above is very much worth reading, and especially the numbers, numbing but, for sensible people, deeply moving, too, emphasized by Dawn in

    But we need to know, and the world needs to know, something else - - we need to know how ugly some of the "hidden things" of the Cold War have been, done by the "moral" United States - - if that were acknowledged, the McNamara-Blight suggestions could be much more practical, and quickly.

    For global moral education to work, some aspects of the United States position and pschology that are massively hypocricritical and anti-historical have to be adressed, and cleaned up.

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