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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 04:04pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7574 of 7605)

Sweat-er Phew!

lunarchick - 04:13pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7575 of 7605)

The US Pentagon is reportedly exploring the possibility of developing a

"space bomber", which could streak to the other side of the world in 90 minutes and drop bombs from 60 miles (97 km) away.

lunarchick - 04:19pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7576 of 7605)

G8 : Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said there will be a full investigation into allegations of brutality which will include the raid on the school, doubling as the headquarters of the protest group Genoa Social Forum.

"While I was being tortured by the Italian police Tony Blair was praising them"
... Norman Blair Protester Norman Blair, 38, who says he was "kidnapped and tortured by the Italian state",

lunarchick - 04:25pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7577 of 7605)

Letter from America Ye Olde Alistaire says "launch console for latest" - Bush 6mths marker.

rshowalt - 04:27pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7578 of 7605) Delete Message

Re: Space Bomber -- our "smart weapons" aren't very smart, but as long as we can kill by remote control, and kill people who aren't Americans, that seems "all right."

MD2809 rshowalter 4/30/01 1:23pm

And the COST of such a bomber is absurdly out of proportion to what it could do, beyond what other American weapons can do already.

lunarchick - 04:38pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7579 of 7605)

Venessa's call Chetnya.
Cuba's latest weapon explodes on the world.

lunarchick - 04:57pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7580 of 7605)

joy.... "Science News Poetry" 7/29/01 7:52am Saint Vladimir-Church/State-Crimea

lunarchick - 05:12pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7581 of 7605)

lunarchick - 08:30pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7582 of 7605)

Vladamir one notes put the Chetnyan's under Russian Rule (over 1000 years ago) - illustrating that these Ru-Chet differences may be of longstanding.
King Lear (Shakespeare) style his children were significantly ungreatful once they had power.
They knew neither 'the golden rule' nor 'christian ethics'.
Christianity - one sees - may have already propagated through the local population
(see Wynne via search)
"The Sky God had landed"
- prior to the disposal of pagan god statues into the river ... if only they hadn't
- they'd be on show in St Petersburg

lunarchick - 08:34pm Jul 29, 2001 EST (#7583 of 7605)

Travel into the past

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