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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 10:20am Jul 25, 2001 EST (#7422 of 7448)

Japan - the text books that glossed over WWII re Korea - have been withdrawn, after Korea boycotted trade with them. A similar boycott of Japanese product might be deployed to save whales from scientific harvesting for the Japanese-Maffia restaurant trade.

lunarchick - 10:29am Jul 25, 2001 EST (#7423 of 7448)

The South Pacfic Whale Sanctuary has been defeated by the Japanese BUYING VOTES from small nations!

Green Peace have issued a statement to say this is a failure to respect the wishes of the people of the South Pacific - who have a spiritual relationship with the earth and sea.

The Japanese say 'the whales eat fish' ... this is seen as a means whereby the Japanese can get into the Southern Seas to fish.

Vote buying is making a mockery of this international body ... feared the next move will be the legalising of the sale of whale products.

The Japanese are Northern Hemisphere people - they have exhausted their own ocean - and should be curtailed.

rshowalter - 10:31am Jul 25, 2001 EST (#7424 of 7448) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

Japan has to make some marketing decisions , internally and externally. Capitalists, including some at the Harvard Business School could offer some guidance. .. . Md4847 rshowalter 6/12/01 11:50am

Sometimes, only truth works, because people consult both evidence, and their feelings about what happened.

"Honorable warriors": MD1219 lunarchick 3/21/01 5:20am

The Japanese did this, and other things, and we, knowing what we'd done with bombs, condoned it -- and now, nuclear weapons make this seem almost quaint. Rape Camp by Dawn Riley

The Japanese, who often care so much about beauty, are making themselves ugly in ways that are costing them a very great deal, in both honor and money.

lunarchick - 10:34am Jul 25, 2001 EST (#7425 of 7448)

'Defence shield could be extended to friends'

WASHINGTON: A top US official has said the multilayered ballistic missile defence that President George W Bush plans to install would defend not only the "American populace, our troops deployed abroad and our allies from the threats of rogue states " but it could also be extended to "friends".

On whether India is one of the "friends", US undersecretary of state for arms control and international security John R Bolton said the US goal is stability in South Asia, and that the President has had a long talk on the subject with the new US ambassador to India Richard Blackwill.

Bush has also offered to extend the defence shield to Russia, Bolton said while speaking at the Foreign Press Centre adding "if it were possible with Russia, it may well be possible with other countries with whom we do not have a formal alliance structure."

Earlier, addressing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bolton said "we need to accept that the anti-ballistic missile treaty is fundamentally in conflict with the administration's approach to the development of missile defences."

On whether US missile defence would make China increase the number of its nuclear weapons which in turn could lead to India and Pakistan doing the same, Bolton said that the ship, space and land-based missile defence is not aimed at China. ( PTI )

lunarchick - 10:46am Jul 25, 2001 EST (#7426 of 7448)


lunarchick - 10:51am Jul 25, 2001 EST (#7427 of 7448)


lunarchick - 10:55am Jul 25, 2001 EST (#7428 of 7448)


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