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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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rshowalter - 10:23pm Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7303 of 7335) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

Some of NYT's Missile Defense Coverage this week

Missile Interception Test Was Hit-and-Miss, Pentagon Reports By JAMES DAO

Putin Says Russia Won't Join China in Countering U.S. Shield by MICHAEL WINES

A Missile Shield Road Map

Amid Applause, Caution Urged on Missile Defense by JAMES DAO

The New Pentagon War Strategy

Russia, China Sign Treaty Amid Concerns About U.S. By PATRICK E. TYLER

Pentagon Officials Report Hit in Missile Defense Test By JAMES DAO

Nuclear Arms Still Keep the Peace By ROBERT S. McNAMARA and THOMAS GRAHAM Jr. . . . . Deterrence, and the agreements that frame it, must continue to be a factor in American-Russian relations for the foreseeable future

rshowalter - 10:43pm Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7304 of 7335) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

MD6210 rshowalter 6/27/01 8:37pm

Almarst's key objection to nuclear disarmament, and to NMD, was stated in MD892 almarstel2001 3/9/01 12:48pm

Almarst has repeated this point many times, and been consistent and totally clear -- at the same time that his real desire for peace, and nuclear disarmament has also been clear.

Here's a question:

" Is it really impossible for Russia, in combination with, and in communication with China, the nations of the EU, and other nations, to assure itself that the US will act responsibly?

it seems to me that the answer has to be

" no - this cannot be impossible."

Perhaps, in part because of this underlying circumstance, accomodations may happen gracefully.

MD6211rshowalter 6/27/01 8:43pm ... MD6212 rshowalter 6/27/01 8:58pm

Wouldn't that be beautiful? And wouldn't that be efficient?

Here's hoping.

lunarchick - 11:05pm Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7305 of 7335)

Russia Have successfully put a spy satellite into orbit - via R7 family of rockets.
But - had a 3rd stage seperation failure re a launch of a rocket from an N-Sub.

MD cuts in Arsnel Bwsh in conjunction with Russia - Putin makes announcement. Discussions with Rice Tuesday. Bwsh looking to new strategic architecture for C21, & praises Putin for someone willing to think in new ways. (Putin surprised MD cuts & Sheild are on same agenda)

lunarchick - 11:10pm Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7306 of 7335)

ASEAN (Malaysia recalcigent re own car industry, leading to bi-lateral agreements) Suggestion that CHINA join ASEAN - and have own sphere of influence.

lunarchick - 11:23pm Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7307 of 7335)

Biological Weapons - fine (?) says USA

lunarchick - 11:29pm Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7308 of 7335)

Showalter .. 'What do you reckon Putin will be looking for, that's --- out of Tuesday's talks with Condi-Rice?' and visa versa

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