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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 10:25am Jul 21, 2001 EST (#7281 of 7288)


~ BwshPhotosLondon

~ Bwsh

lunarchick - 10:31am Jul 21, 2001 EST (#7282 of 7288)

Missile defences
What are they really for?
George Bush needs to come clean about his missile-defence ambitions

lunarchick - 10:47am Jul 21, 2001 EST (#7283 of 7288)

.. Russian statement on Thursday could lead to a possible confrontation in the months ahead over the treaty unless Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin compromise during their meeting this weekend in Genoa, or in subsequent discussions. The Bush administration announced last week that it intended to begin work on the site for a missile defense installation in Alaska next month.


lunarchick - 08:49pm Jul 21, 2001 EST (#7284 of 7288)

Radar: Goebbels’ plan to destroy Britain’s radar defences.

lunarchick - 09:10pm Jul 21, 2001 EST (#7285 of 7288)

British Walter Mitty .. but who's the American one ? .. Try this ...

    "It sounds like a brilliant plan. First you put a laser on a plane, then fly that plane in endless circles near a country you think might launch a nuclear missle at you. If it does -- boom! -- just shoot it down with your laser.
    That, in a nutshell, is the first line of Gearge W. Bush's planned defence against the launch of a longrange nuclear missile from 'rogue state' such as .... .... " Roy Eccleston Washington Correspondent 'The Australian' july 21-22, 2001. Inquirer p 21.
Reading the US edition of The Australian, it seems that our boy 'Rupert Murdock' wasn't backing Bush at the last election ... meaning .. Bush may not have been seen as being good for - America - that economy - the USA Business faction.

civiltongue - 01:18am Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7286 of 7288)

I modestly propose that we abandon the new missile defense plan, and instead, continue and expand the doctrine that has protected us for over fifty years -- M.A.D.

My proposal is that we design and launch a network of radar satellites that can detect and track missiles as soon as they're launched (or perhaps we already have that). That way we will know exactly which "rogue state" launched a given missile, so we'll be prepared to retaliate in kind.

emilicious0 - 10:49am Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7287 of 7288)

Pardon me for not intelectualizing,I think that Bush is missing the point. Which is that putting lazers in space is #$%@"crazy". Because one could, does not mean one should! This will certainly create a condition where the end of the world as we know it,can occur much easier.I guess this is not my concept of defense? safety does not come by increasing illwill ,emnity and envy. You don't have to be a religious zealot to apreciate the lessons of the Bible. look at Israel they have lot's of superior weapons and tech,hell they even have the bomb . Are you telling me that, they are safe? People are throwing rocks and achieving what tanks cannot.Stop bugging George and think about the children.Find another way if you are so smart.And if you are not ,have the wisdom to realise you do not have the answers.Make life simpler ,not more complicated.we need clean food ,clean water and clean hearts. Wake up man,it is all over in the blink of an eye!


hyrcanus - 01:13pm Jul 22, 2001 EST (#7288 of 7288)

You can fool Republicans EVERY TIME! Once again the sharks gather around the treasury waiting for their massive welfare windfall for Missile Defense. Reagan lied to us - even had tests faked - and to this day no one has figured out where the money has gone. Now we do it again, including a stupid test of the type that the former Soviet Union used to shoot down a U-2. Just get the missile close enough so that the explosion will damage the incoming object. Some times it works mostly it doesn't (Pentagon concedes that they had tried three previous times before they had a success). Instead of putting the whole administration and 5 of the USSC on trial, we are committing another STUPID MISTAKE!


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