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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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almarst-2001 - 11:19pm Jul 18, 2001 EST (#7185 of 7208)


"The next stages of this plan were supposed to be: resignation of Leonid Kuchma; transfer of power to acting president, Prime Minister Yushchenko who is totally controlled by the "Brzezinsky group;" prescheduled presidential elections that would be won hands down by Viktor Yushchenko, making use of administrative control over the leading media and massive financial backing from the "Brzezinsky group;" selling out Leonid Kuchma to international justice in exactly the same manner that the Serbs sold out ex-president Milosevic; Viktor Yushchenko, under American control, was to start deRussification of Ukraine - squeezing out the Russian language, introducing a visa regime for Russia, dumping all contracts in the military-technical sphere, blockade of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, Ukrainian secret services and the army were be placed under control of American and Polish officers."

"The architects of the Brzezinsky plan are based on standard schemes and are preparing two scenarios of further developments: "Meciar-Milosevic scenario" and "Lukashenko scenario." "Meciar-Milosevic scenario" stage one is reserved for an active election campaign with anti-presidential slogans. Currently there are three columns within the "Brzezinsky coalition:" an ultra-right one led by Viktor Yushchenko, a centrist-oligarchic one led by Yulia Timoshenko, and a moderately leftwing one led by Alexander Moroz. It is assumed that the people are sick and tired of Kuchma and his oligarchs and do not trust the communists. This will enable the three columns of the "Brzezinsky coalition" to gain a majority in the Parliament. At stage two, the parliamentary majority forms the Yushchenko-Timoshenko Government. Stage three sees the start of impeachment proceedings against President Kuchma. The parliamentary elections scenario was used in Slovakia to topple Prime Minister Meciar (Slovakia has a parliamentary system). Playing the decisive role in molding public opinion and running the election campaign were not so much local Slovak structures as a network of organizations created with international aid - foundations, research groups, centers and others - whose declared goal it was "to create conditions for the holding of free elections," and "to control the holding of elections." This type of organizations has created in Ukraine and will doubtlessly be actively employed during the election campaign. After that the developments will unobtrusively take the form of the "Milosevic scenario," thus coming back to the option the "Brzezinsky coalition" attempted to implement in early 2001. "

I intent to rather agree with this point of view. It is hard to underestimate the influence of Brzezinsky.

lunarchick - 01:31am Jul 19, 2001 EST (#7186 of 7208)

The Professional who knew there were real problems the day he walked into the Bristol Hospital (Children-Heart Operations), determined there was a need to check and monitor the quality process. As a responsible Professional he brought the seriousness of the problem to the attention of the UK powers that be.

The guy was hounded out of the service. He found it impossible to find a position in the UK. Five years ago he came to Australia - where people were more prepared to evaluate the systems and processes they worked within and administered.

Bringing to the attention of Authority that a system has flaws and defects that requires checking often has a 'price'. The further price paid by this whistleblower was the fact that he is conscience-sticken with respect to lives he might have saved had his intervention been sooner and more authoriative, he can name names of children LOST!
~ lunarchick 7/18/01 12:11am
~ lunarchick 7/18/01 6:27pm

Bristol: The main points:

The NHS must put patients at its core. They must be treated with respect

Care must be as safe as possible - 25,000 avoidable deaths is intolerable

National standards for hospitals must be set

Standards of care to be expected, and success rates, must be published

Children's services must be radically improved

Now to tranform report findings such as these to MD in relation to :

  • setting of standards
  • checking
  • publishing of real facts
  • misuse of taxpayer funding
  • using money to SAVE lives
  • redeployment of engineers into REAL JOBS

    alec_m - 03:16am Jul 19, 2001 EST (#7187 of 7208)

    The most likely long term result of this policy by american military-industrial-complex conducted through its republican marionette Bush is imminent uncontrolled sale of Russian nuclear technology to the third world. I think many American citizens will regret about this decision.

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