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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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US General>India: The visit, following on the heels of the Agra summit, comes amid a US push to develop closer military ties with India in response in part to near-term concerns over nuclear instability in the Sub-continent

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    'The emphasis of environmental policies in these nations have in most cases relied on the Western values and the “Willingness to pay” principles, despite the differences in national contexture and culture. Such a stance has led to the creation of values and access to subsistence which are linked to sacrificing environmental quality for short-term economic gain.'
Moving through Change successfully, people require assistance in new and shifting environments that marginalise their culture. ~

lunarchick - 10:02am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7126 of 7137)

    Permaculture education includes principles and practices of sustainable soil, water, crop, forest, architectural, business and finance systems, ethical investment, community loan support and small business management.
    Permaculture, from PERMAnent agriCULTURE, is an integrated system of design including not only agriculture, horticulture, architecture and ecology but also land access strategies and economic systems for small businesses and communities.
    Taken from the Latin, permanens, to endure or persist through time and cultura, cultures - permaculture is an interdisciplinary design science focused on sustainable system design. Sustainable systems are defined as those that, over their lifetime, produce energy equivalent to or in excess of what they consume.
    Permaculture operates on three ethics: care of the earth, care of the species and return of excess to the first two.

lunarchick - 10:08am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7127 of 7137)

lunarchick - 10:29am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7128 of 7137)

Helping people get into business. In USA and in underdeveloped world. see also Greenbank.

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They're walking on air!

lunarchick - 10:55am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7131 of 7137)

Russian Agent takes 9

lunarchick - 10:59am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7132 of 7137)

Talks aimed at restoring trust between the pro-Russian Chechen administration and Russia’s federal forces, have been held behind closed doors in the Chechen capital, Grozny. The talks were called after an incident where ten civilians in the village of Asinkoe were injured during a federal army “rebel clearing” operation there. The acting Commander in the Northern Caucasus, Vladimir Moltenskoi, said that for peace and stability, it was paramount that laws should be respected. But federal forces’ violations have strained relations with the pro-Chechen administration. Two members of the military have been suspended and another has received a reprimand. The head of the Chechen administration, Akhmad Kadyrov, has called for those guilty to be punished.
SEVODNIA - NTV, Moscow: July 17, 2001

broadcast in Russian Mon to Sat 9.30-10.15 am

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