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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 06:19am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7110 of 7121)

    USA tv .. Mike MOORE notes there were over 600,000 homeless sleeping rough on the streets. These people sleep in their cars, the sewers, parks, on the street - in mortal danger. Pity the USA government doesn't think to spend some money on public housing for it's poor.

rshowalter - 06:20am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7111 of 7121) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

Maybe that suffering and privation is beautiful to the people who are setting priorities -- maybe they feel the need to keep people afraid - - and the treatment of the homeless is a good way to do it.

Fear is a big part of American life. Maybe "freedom from fear" -- economic fear, would give too much freedom to people who might question things -- and so examples of horror have to be easy to find.

rshowalter - 06:45am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7112 of 7121) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

MD5977 rshowalter 6/24/01 8:52pm

MD1038 rshowalter 3/15/01 3:40pm ..... I know something, from my personal perspective, about how afraid a high ranking American press officer was of the truth, when I was personally involved.

VERY afraid. And so were a number of employees of The New York Times.

But I thought then, and think now, that fear was partly a hopeful sign. When people are afraid, they have a sense of vulnerability -- and for people of good faith, that's close to a sense of doubt. Once doubt takes hold -- a moral sense can give courage. That has happened often enough to make the United States a much better country than it would otherwise be.

MD5233 rshowalter 6/15/01 7:36pm . . . . The US has some uncomfortable and anxious things about it, too.

. Guardian Talk Issues Mankind's Inhumanity to Man and Woman - As natural as human goodness? describes a a situation where there was a good deal of fear involved.

The link leads to #163, a posting I did in response to an inquirry, on another Guardian thread, by an anonymous reporter who I suspect, judging from output, filed without my help the next day.

MD1039 almarst-2001 3/15/01 3:50pm .. said:

" If the leading media outlets can be frightened and coersed to paticipate in lie and propaganda, this Democracy is as shalow as the one, used to be found in USSR. "

We need to do better than that.

Heroics aren't necessary, or won't be necessary often. What's needed, is more checking -- and more insistence on checking -- and getting our standards raised, a step at a time. It can be done, and needs to be.

MD5105 rshowalter 6/14/01 2:11pm .... MD5106 rshowalter 6/14/01 2:51pm

The hero in Tiniamin Square must have been very afraid, and very alone. In America, there are different things to fear -- but things that sometimes scare Americans very thoroughly. Even so, there are times when it seems necessary to stand.

rshowalter - 07:01am Jul 17, 2001 EST (#7113 of 7121) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

MD6286 rshowalter 6/29/01 1:08pm

MD6287 rshowalter 6/29/01 1:10pm ... June 28: Corrosive Corruption: Companies that participate in corrupted dealings do themselves no favors. ......

" Corruption can take many forms, and the effects can accumulate. Where government officials seek special favors or bribes, the costs can discourage honest companies and deter needed investments. Scarce public resources are squandered on noessential, shoddily built, or too-costly projects, while needed investments go begging. Corrupt officials may thwart the growth of more honest and democratic institutions. Public cynicism, contempt, and dissillusionment can become widespread.

" Companies that participate in corrupted dealings also do themselves no favors. Although a business deal here or there may be obtained, the sost includes creating a culture of dishonesty within the company. If cheating or bribery or fixing the books are tolerated for certain purposes, the company can never again be sure that these dealings are not tolerated for others. The whole organization can come to believe that dishonesty is an accepted approach. . . . . "

That can happen to technical programs, to military forces, and to alliances, as well.

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