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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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rshowalter - 08:52am Jul 15, 2001 EST (#7036 of 7054) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

for a stunning example of how arrogant -- and antiscientific -- these people can be, see an article featured in a web site that seems to be funded by the CIA -- with much information in it -- and an interesting author and subject list.


It begins:

" Western Europe is presently in danger due to an apparently highly contagious epidemic of anti-Americanism that has gripped the continent, and which threatens the health and very life of the Atlantic Alliance. It is based on virulent dogma generated by politicians, perpetrated subtly by the media; it is becoming a plague, an inflexible creed. Something has to be done before it is too late and Europe is quarantined from its Atlantic pillar. Seeking out dangerous new partners and following discredited, risky economic policies will only weaken Europe and leave it dependent, defenseless or worse. Unwarranted self-righteousness creates false perceptions of invulnerability. Did Western Europe learn nothing from its follies of the last century? ...."

The piece bears reading -- not only because it shows what some people feel -- but because the Web site that features it does so - - and reveals its perspective by so doing.

Martin's statements about science, and political science, and the United Nations, are remarkably virulent and wrong. (On aerodynamics, they are laughable -- people have known the importance of both wing shape and angle of attack, in interaction, for many years -- and planes fly well because of that.)

Objectively, the article does show the very large price that the United States is paying, in international respect, for Bush's policies, and the response of some Americans to that European reaction.

Looking at the piece makes me want the suggest the following searches on this thread --

.... "Carlyle" ..... "osprey" .... "shuck" . . . "culture of lying" . . . "treason" .... "NAZI" ... and "Berle"

lunarchick - 09:06am Jul 15, 2001 EST (#7037 of 7054)

billion dollars worth of satellites to the wrong address Artemis has suffered from a spate of bad luck !

lunarchick - 09:14am Jul 15, 2001 EST (#7038 of 7054)

Bio-weapons +

lunarchick - 09:25am Jul 15, 2001 EST (#7039 of 7054)

It's a small world!

rshowalter - 09:30am Jul 15, 2001 EST (#7040 of 7054) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

And a fragile one. We should be careful of it.

And we should have the wit, and the humanity, to find ways to make peace, so that the horrors of the past don't have to continue. We need to think, no only on the global or astrophysical scale -- but also on the scale of individual human beings, and their needs, as they are.

We have to be tough enough. But the Bush administration, and people like Martin, are going out of their way to make conflicts.

lunarchick - 09:34am Jul 15, 2001 EST (#7041 of 7054)

It's a small world! that could run away from us.

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