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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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almarst-2001 - 08:09pm Apr 4, 2001 EST (#1981 of 1985)


sorry, but I have a very different oppinion on Bill Clinton.

He may be a head above our current inhabitor of WH, but, in my personal oppinion, a very repulsive person. A person with no real believes other then perhapes, self-promotion. A megalomaniac with no morals (and I am not talking about the Monica). I do not want to steer the discussion into this area, but even if the bombing of the Serbia would be his only crime, for me that would be enough to never give him a hand.

almarst-2001 - 08:25pm Apr 4, 2001 EST (#1982 of 1985)

lunarchick 4/4/01 1:55pm

The Taiwanese already have seen the example of one country two systems in hong-Kong. The can decide if they like it or not. But obviously there is no room to fear any worst the ahat happend there. Rather, due to its size and location, the Taiwan may expect mor rather then less autonomy the H-K.

A comparasement to Checnia-Russia situation is not clear to me. I see no similarity at all. Chechens are by an large a very conservative muslim nation similar to Afgans. Very independent, brave, brutal and aggressive. They fought Russians for generations and always attacked russian villages accross their borders to kill and steal. They even closely cooperated with Germans against Russians in a WWII for which where punished by Stalin ordering the expulsion of most to Siberia and replacing the population with native Russians. After Stalin's death, they slowely came back and absorbed in a mixed population environment peacefully, until the breakup of USSR.

almarst-2001 - 08:30pm Apr 4, 2001 EST (#1983 of 1985)

Putin shuns the US in favour of Europe -,3604,468105,00.html

Pretty predictable.

And I believe, his main target will be the Germany.

"Incidently" Putin has a very good understanding of German culture, language, problems, some secrets, and, may be, even some "old friends".

almarst-2001 - 08:32pm Apr 4, 2001 EST (#1984 of 1985)

U.S. anti-missile laser passes critical test -

lunarchick - 01:08am Apr 5, 2001 EST (#1985 of 1985)

comment on above:

Clinton was pushed into Yugslavia by Europe and pushed off the ground by the 'no body bag' demands from home ... resorting to auto-fire-rockets. The need for Clinton to be involved relates back to Tito playing chess with the Yugo leaders .. but not developing a succession plan.

On Monica - she has a higher intellect than Bush.

Travellers say Hong Kong is now a 'dirty' city (as is London), and that there is no understanding of the needs of the travelling customer -- they're coming unstuck!

Checnia-Russia ... is there an omission here ... doesn't Russia refuse to give Checnia independence ... and isn't this related to resources? Better they have it and Russia pays, or pays rent, for facilities crossing that zone.

On Putin's speech ... his speech would have been visionary .. the detail can be filled in appropriatly - later.

On understanding Germany, they seem to have bent over backwards to be 'better people' than their grandparents were ..... not so Japan, who this week have issued a text book giving their sanitised version of history that excludes their abuse of (extended multiple rape) of female children throughout the war years!

Germany tried to understand who they were.

Japan is still evading history!

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