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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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rshowalter - 09:19pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1279 of 1296) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

maybe a hopeful picture. If they have no ideas .. . . they can manipulate (rather primative) mechanics.

It is the IDEAS that will be decisive - unless you allow yourselves to get distracted. For a number of reasons.

This time, the high status, sensible thing for Russia to do is to go slowly, and to insist on getting right answers on questions of fact.

I committed a great sin -- after a long day. I had 3 beers. I'll therefore defer from making any other comments till the morning.

Doesn't it look like the administration is showing weaknesss of the most fundamental kind?

Maybe, when I'm more sober, I'll see subtlety and honorable conduct. In my current simplified position -- . . . . . words fail me.

Did you ever read a famous sermon by the American 18th century figure Johnathan Edwards? Or some verses by Dante? I must say, that in my current condition, they occur vividly to me. But I'll defer saying any more till the morning.


If, when the chance for peacemaking comes, the "powers that be" start acting like heads of teenage gangs --- people will notice.

Behave so that they do.

lunarchick - 09:29pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1280 of 1296)

Not really, seems that people generally (general poplulation) are willing to standup for what they belive in - if they are convinced of the necessity to do so. And the things people belive in relate to primary welfare, secondary learning, and thirdly a desire to achieve as individuals who can have pride in themselves. This is a 'universal'.

The problem arises when Greedy people put their desires and wants over and above the needs of a society.

The Wolf-o-witz (what a wonderful name, perhaps a musical wolf who plays a Wurlitzer (showground organ), travelling from town to town) guy.

Wolfowitz spent 20 years in Indonesia. These years must have included those when Shuarto's personal pocket was being lined with American Dollars ... and Shuarto was mining East Timor for his personal bank-account. I wonder what Wolfowitz was doing and saying over this time. Did he have the courage and forthrightness to stand up in Jakata and comment on the state of the art. Did he understand it? I wonder! Has he written a paper on Shuarto and American aide ?

That the world is more 'international' than ever it was is a good thing. Walking down the mainstreet of a world capital city, one may be brushing shoulders with peoples originating from a hundred countries. Regular people all look pretty much the same, and have same wants and needs ... a settled and safe environment in which to live a reasonable life ... achieve a little, and be proud of themselves and their families.

lunarchick - 09:34pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1281 of 1296)

lunarchick - 09:42pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1282 of 1296),5716,117772+1+109641,00.html?query=dante

lunarchick - 09:44pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1283 of 1296),5716,32592+1+32039,00.html?query=johnathan%20edwards

lunarchick - 09:50pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1284 of 1296)

Wolfowitz specifically did not come up on this search:

almarst-2001 - 09:52pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1285 of 1296)

lunarchick 3/21/01 9:29pm

I was asking the same questions... Will take a look on the Internet.

And thanks for the link to Edwards. The English is not my first and not even the second language. If time and patience will permit...

lunarchick - 09:52pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1286 of 1296)


almarst-2001 - 10:05pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1287 of 1296)

lunarchick 3/21/01 9:52pm

I am sure all potentially affected took notice.

So, the question is not "Do we face a next Cold War?" but rather "Will anyone remain and remember the End of a next Cold War?"

almarst-2001 - 10:09pm Mar 21, 2001 EST (#1288 of 1296)

rshowalter 3/21/01 9:19pm

That's another difference between an American and Russian... The Russian may be really ready to discuss the World's problems only after 3 bottels of vodka;)

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