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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 09:02am Mar 15, 2001 EST (#1018 of 1023)

lunarchick - 09:09am Mar 15, 2001 EST (#1019 of 1023)

'The debt against us is not viewed as simply cancelled, but is fully paid'

So a redemtive solution would be restorative to the norm, without harshness being imposed.

lunarchick - 09:18am Mar 15, 2001 EST (#1020 of 1023)

"I want to apologize and reflect on my own work," Zhu said in a hushed voice.

He acknowledged skepticism among foreign and domestic media over the official explanation that last week's blast was the work of a deranged suicide bomber.

But he said there was "no need for debate" with his critics, and accepted personal responsibility for the tragedy.

lunarchick - 09:22am Mar 15, 2001 EST (#1021 of 1023)

People Checking: 200million lost?: if this is difficult how do they go with missile complexities?

China's census takers underestimated the difficulty of counting how many people there are in the world's most populous nation and the results will be delayed by at least a month, an official said on Wednesday.

"We never thought it would be so complicated," Xu Kang, head of the Department of Population's statistics bureau told Reuters.

"Counts that were supposed to be done in the day have been delayed to the evening because the workers are never home," he said.

"Our census takers often have to wait all evening and only manage to complete two or three when they were supposed to complete say, five."

Xu said the count of China's estimated 1.3 billion people had also been hampered by the difficulty of tallying the floating population of migrant workers -- thought to be around 200 million. Reuters

rshowalter - 10:16am Mar 15, 2001 EST (#1022 of 1023) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

rshowalter 3/1/01 4:12pm includes this:

- "686: I made a proposal for getting nuclear weapons down rshowalt 9/25/00 7:32am that depends, in large part, on an insight from cryptography. Encoding in clear can be safe, and under circumstances of distrust, can be essential. With my partner, Dawn Riley, we did a demonstration." lunarchick "Science News Poetry" 2/14/01 5:57am

It includes a good deal worth knowing, when judging the legitimacy of the american forces of death and deception. A poem that conveys key information: rshowalter "Science News Poetry" 2/14/01 7:18am ends with this:

. In clear: Lying is more dangerous than people think, and soaks up more attention than people know. We can do less of it. We can send in clear - the message, almost always, will be peaceful. And complex cooperation, now so often terminated with deceptive sequences, could happen more often.

It also includes references to three poems I set out in the Guardian_TALK threads. rshowalter "Science News Poetry" 2/14/01 9:09am

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