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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 07:31am Mar 8, 2001 EST (#872 of 891)

Noted an article entitled "The golden rule of modern statecraft" reviewing the work of Naill Ferguson/The cash nexus: Money and Power in the modern world 1700-2000pub: Allen Lane Naill's book has been released for 2 days, no review here yet:

lunarchick - 07:35am Mar 8, 2001 EST (#873 of 891)

Naill's theory of history draws attention to the powers of economic forces in the shaping of State's Policy.

'Naill focuses on the role of money in modern history to show how the development of institutions and idas has owed as much to hard cash as to political belief. "If you are to understand modern history, you have to understand how political institutions have come about, and to do this you have to understand the importance of the role of money" '

lunarchick - 07:53am Mar 8, 2001 EST (#874 of 891)

.... Another idea that the book presents for discussion is the extent to which economic power can and should be translated in to global political and military influence. In particular, Naill argues hat the engagement of the US in international events is much more limited thatn that of the British Empire when it had the equivalent money and muscle power to play the role of the global policeman, and that this disengagement raises questions as to how willing democracies will be to defend themselves in the future.

He sees 'Superpowers' with populations choosing to 'stay at home and race round in their four wheel drives' rather than assert themselves on the world stage.

> Raises the question as to how the US ought to be currently using it's power. How it ought to be asserting it's self. What are 'Superpower responsibilities' in relation to world Needs.

The Bristish Empire was to some extend a trading block ... raw produce IN-to the UK: Processing: goods and services OUT.

Is the US operating along these lines? Might it be using it's wealth to assist economic development. On International Women's Day, a point to note is that loans made directly to individual women in Bengladesh, have enabled women to establish businesses, and, repay the loans ... the money then available to the next woman borrower.

Had the monies the USA put towards Missiles been used in a humanitarian manner ... might many have been enabled to lift themselves out of poverty and become self sufficient? Just an 8th March thought.

lunarchick - 08:52am Mar 8, 2001 EST (#875 of 891)

A further interesting article (via The Times) relates to a need to determine if some team projects ought to be less highly valued than the work of individual scientist who ask questions and follow ideas through to develop NEW knowledge.

Raises the question how much NEW knowledge, of value and able to generate serious dollars, has evolved from MD expenditures.

Don Bradben lead a group of UK-scientists who were not sucessful in getting a letter published arguing for funding to be made available to these lone researcher(s). < (instigator) physicsProf UCL>

almarstel2001 - 10:06am Mar 8, 2001 EST (#876 of 891)


The ways of a British Empire brought two World Wars and endless suffering to millions struggeling to this day in the nations separated by cleverly designed artificial borders created to "Divide and Conquer" by the British.

It is my sencire believe the US entered the WWII after getting the British promise to share its Empire. And the ONLY reason for that.

The existing of competing Soviet power limited the US aspirations, particularelly after defeats in S.E. Asia.

After the breakup of USSR, I have a feeling the powerful and influential forces in US are trying indeed to catch up their conquer. Thats a reason for supporting bandits in Chechnia, KLA in Yugoslavia, separatists in Tibet etc. all this has nothing to do with idealism and all to do with cool and crual geopolitical calculations to inflict the damage to not so aggreable to US dominance nations.

Juist imagine what would be a US reaction if Hispanic population gains the majority in California and decided to separate using the same tactics as KLA while getting support from say very powerful at that time Mexico? Given the historical facts of American-Mexican War, that would be much more justifiable action than what happend in Kosovo, wouldn't it?

almarstel2001 - 10:10am Mar 8, 2001 EST (#877 of 891)

"CIA worked in tandem with Pakistan to create Taliban" -

almarstel2001 - 10:15am Mar 8, 2001 EST (#878 of 891)

"Fear of foreign spies was already inordinately high in the United States when the sensational espionage charges against Robert Philip Hanssen hit the headlines. The media and the public, always starved for drama, have been captivated. The executive branch is planning tough-sounding remedies, including new super organizations. Existing counterintelligence bureaucracies have exploited the "crisis" to grow and expand. And counterspy measures, resources and personnel are already greater than they were during the height of the Cold War." -

There will be no Democracy and Freedom at home for the Nation which has a foreign domination agenda. The World Policemen will need to have a Police State at home!

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